About our Trainer

Jenna Traeger is the barn manager, riding instructor and trainer at Emerald Hill Farm. She has over 25 years of horse experience in the industry ranging from farm management, riding instruction and horse training.

Jenna has been professionally teaching children, juniors and adult amateurs in the disciplines of dressage, hunter/jumpers and eventers in the Austin area for the last decade. Her teaching philosophy is to help encourage students to reach their goals, be it to compete and move up or just become a better rider. Jenna guides her students by giving them a firm understanding of the basics of dressage and jumping equitation. Students learn body awareness, balance and how it affects the horse and the correct use of the riding aids to communicate with the horse.

Jenna opened Emerald Hill Farm in 2013 to pursue her dream of running a small boarding and training operation where the emphasis is on quality horse care, teaching, training and competing in a positive atmosphere and a barn community that feels like family. Emerald Hill Farm has been a dream come true.

Jenna’s primary focus is in the sport of Eventing. She is working towards her goal of producing her own horses up the levels in the sport. She continues her education with upper level dressage, show jumping and Eventing trainers and clinicians to improve her riding, training and coaching.






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